The bridge between and

Make your business data accessible to your whole team

As an executive, here is why you'll love Birdly

Bridge the gap between Salesforce and your team thanks to Birdly and its unique values propositions.

  • Share success

    Empower your team

    Your team's successes are important. Qualitative successes are as important as your quantitative metrics and deserve to be shared among your team.

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  • Unusual activites

    Be notified and react fast

    You or your analysts are stucked in your metrics every day. But can you monitor everything? Can they alert you in real time when something goes wrong?

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  • Sales performance analytics

    Know the pulse of your sales

    This is the new generation of Business Intelligence. Simply connect your Salesforce, pick among our pre-built reports or among your own Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to get the metrics of your company.

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  • Salesforce information

    Access Salesforce data

    Free your Salesforce data and make it accessible via Slack for your whole team. In channels or direct messages, simply ask our bot for any information about a Salesforce object.

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